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About Servants' Feast

Bringing the ancient faith to today's world

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Our Mission

Servants’ Feast Christian Ministry (SFCM) invites persons to deepen their relationship with Christ by introducing Christians to the rich heritage and teaching of the historic and universal Church.  Beginning with understanding that knowledge of God should lead inevitably to love of God.  Servants’ Feast is helping Christians strengthen their relationship with God by helping each person discover his/her own journey in Christ, a journey of transformation that begins with the renewing of the mind.

What exactly is Servants' Feast?

Servants' Feast Christian Ministry came into being over time. Starting with a single study in 2005, SFCM began to expand with more "custom" studies requested by pastors and churches. Through prayer, the outline of an adult discipleship formation took shape. Along with the original classes plus two additional studies, From Called to Sent emerged and is the foundational product of SFCM. However, SFCM is working to broaden our ministries. Christian life is multi-faceted, not simply a matter of knowledge. Plans for integrated ministry involving the whole person were put on hold and must remain so until pandemic restraints are lifted. However, Christianity encompasses the whole of our lives and the entirety of our being. Encounters with God stretch beyond only the use of the mind.

Thus, our hope at Servants' Feast is to come alongside individuals and local churches and provide resources to help Christians grow in understanding, in fellowship with our God - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - and in ministry in our world. SFCM is not designed or intended to supplant membership in the Body of Christ where one worships but, rather, to sustain and grow Christians in the knowledge and love of God in whatever context they find themselves. 

Materials offered through Servants' Feast draw heavily from the riches of the Early Church because the understanding and traditions developed in the life of the Church during those early centuries originate from those who knew Jesus or were taught by the ones who knew Him. During the first few centuries of Christianity, the fledgling Church struggled to understand and convey what was revealed in the life, death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, as well as how individuals were to live Christian life day in and day out in the world. 

Our current circumstances mimic the environment of the Early Church to a surprising degree. Then, Christians had to learn a new way of being and doing in a world that was not interested in their religious beliefs. Certainly, we enjoy great advantages in technology and have a much broader knowledge of the physical world, but advancements have been offset by a loss of wisdom, a forgetting of the spiritual that permeates all things physical. The environment of western culture, particularly, is almost exclusively material, denying the reality of God even as spiritual hunger expresses itself in the insatiable search for meaning, purpose, and happiness. This materialistic view has infected the contemporary church, as well, and at the moment Christians most need deep spiritual reserves, we do not know where to look or what we can expect to find. The recovery of the breadth and depth of early Christianity offer us precisely the direction and nurture we need to develop Christian faith and life in a society that is often hostile to Christianity, intentionally or not. 


More so than at any time in recent centuries, Christians are called out of the world and worldliness to live in Christ Jesus and, by His Spirit, to be a light to the world. We want to help. SFCM wants to offer you the tools you need to love God and love neighbor as your journey through this life and into the next. 

Key Scriptures for Servants' Feast

John 17:3

Now, this is eternal life:

that they shall know You,

the One True God, and

Jesus Christ Whom You have sent.

Matthew 22:37-39

You shall love the Lord your God,

with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.

This is the greatest commandment,

and the second is like it,

You shall love your neighbor

as yourself.

Ephesians 2:10

For we are His workmanship, 

created in Christ Jesus

for good works, 

which God prepared beforehand

so that we might walk in them.

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