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Meet the Contributors


An ordained Methodist minister, Rev. Moreau is passionate about helping people know God. Serving local churches until health issues necessitated a change, Elizabeth realized that many people in the pews wanted deeper and stronger relationships with Jesus Christ, but lacked both understanding of Christian faith and direction in discipleship. The unexpected blessing of poor health was the time and the quiet needed for prayer and reflection, and in the incubator of that solitude, the means of continuing ministry began to unfold. Today, Elizabeth serves Christians through writing, teaching, and spiritual formation, deepening communion with the Holy Trinity through the solid foundation of Christian faith, as defined in the Nicene Creed of AD 325.

Rev. Elizabeth Moreau



Dr. Douglas Caldwell

Both an SFCM Board member and contributor, Dr. Caldwell has served in multiple churches over his span of ministry. Deeply committed to the historic faith of the Church, Douglas hopes to make Elizabeth's written material more accessible for those who do not have time to read or who simply prefer to listen and learn. As an auditory learner himself, Douglas knows the difference hearing can make for others like him. Her prayerful reflections on Jesus Christ and lived Christian faith in our materialistic and secular world are a voice Douglas wants spread as widely as possible among Christians struggling to live faithfully in this tumultuous time. 


Rev. Jim Jackson

Responding to the call of Christ, Rev. Jackson entered ministry as a second career, requiring undergraduate work, followed by graduate studies at SMU. Throughout those years of education, he also served local churches in pastoral ministry. After the tragic loss of his wife to rare brain cancer in early 2019, Jim struggled with God in the midst of the profound grief of her death, much of it through daily journaling. When Covid-19 ended in-person worship in his church, he began sharing daily reflections with his congregation and more. Jim is a living testament to the presence of God in the midst of life, from the highest mountaintops to the darkest times.

Look for his book of meditations here at Servants' Feast in December. 

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