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Daily Readings from Scripture

Through the Bible in One Year

Reading the Christian Calendar

        over Three Years

The Bible is the story of God. If we want to know Who God is, then we read the Bible,

where God is revealed in His interaction with His people.

Each week, new daily readings are posted, and readers can choose between the two plans below. The most important decision is reading the Bible. Once that decision is made, the next step is prayer. The purpose of studying Scripture is to read through the texts to meet God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the God whose story is told in the pages of Scripture.

The Bible never gets old because God continually reveals Himself in new ways as He leads us into deeper fellowship with Him. Each Christian becomes more like Christ, when we cultivate the habit of meeting with God daily - in prayer and in the study of Scripture.

Through the Bible in One Year

Beginning with Genesis and Matthew, this reading plan will lead you through the Bible in one year, with the added benefit of reading through the Psalms and Proverbs twice in the course of one year. Psalms, especially, but also Proverbs, are used in worship and in prayer. The daily reading of each encourages spiritual growth in Christian life.

Readings beginning
March 15, 2023:

Reading the Christian Calendar

over Three Years

The Christian Calendar is spread over three years and is organized around the events of Jesus' life. Daily readings move through seasons, such as the season of Advent or the season of Lent. However, the Christian calendar involves much more in Jesus' life, including days we no longer commonly observe. The unfolding of Jesus' life engages us in the cycle of God's activity in our salvation, redemption, and destiny. 

Daily Readings for
Lenten 3 & 4

Wednesday, March 15:

Numbers 23-25

Psalm 66

Proverbs 12:25-28

Mark 10:1-16

Wednesday, March 15:

Psalm 81

Jeremiah 2:4-13

John 7:14-31, 37-39

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