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Ministries Under Construction!

Currently, SFCM is working with several individuals to create age-appropriate materials to help your child grow and mature in Christian life naturally. At their youngest, children begin to learn who they are by absorbing the environment around them. Tools to assist your children and youth find Jesus Christ in the middle of their lives, upholding them and loving them are crucial, because the identity of all Christians begins in Jesus Christ, through Whom we learn what life as our Father's child truly is. 

For pastors and parents seeking resources to teach children, adolescents, and teenagers how to be Christian in a post-Christian world, materials are being developed for the formation of the mind and character, as well as means for facilitating encounters with the Risen Lord that sustain faith through the questions and doubts of young and curious minds surrounded by secular society. 

SFCM is working on age-appropriate materials to teach our children and youth who they are called to be as male and female, as well as how to live faithfully and to glorify Christ with their lives as men and women. 

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