Going on at Servants' Feast:

Change is coming... 

Change is coming... 

November 2020


Times, they are a'changin! We're revamping our website, preparing to move from a church based ministry to an online ministry. Lots of exciting things are in store in the coming weeks. Books can be ordered directly from the site, and e-books are coming soon. The meditations are becoming a blog, and your comments are welcome! Blogs will also be offered as podcasts, so you'll be able to listen at your convenience.


We're adding new contributors to SFCM, and new podcasts and blogs are in the works as we explore the possibilities on our new site! You can also expect new books and studies to be released in 2021, and plans are underway to offer online classes with Elizabeth.

Stay tuned! Servants' Feast is coming to a church, classroom, or home near you!

Looking Ahead

December 2020

Watch for the release of Jim Jackson's book of meditations - a great way to start the New Year!

January 2021: Online classes are coming! 


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