Going on at Servants' Feast:


Thank you! 

We cannot thank you enough for your gracious support for Servants' Feast's transition to online ministry. 

Your generosity opens new possibilities

& encourages us as we look forward to great ministry

yet to come! 

February 2021

Our next step: 

An online test class is being offered to a small group of folks, so we can learn how to hold classes online effectively and easily. Please, bear with us while we work out the kinks. Our expectation is that we will offer online classes regularly through the site, and we anticipate doing so in the near future!

Spring  2021:


Book Releases:

For a Time Such as This: Daily Meditations

     by Jim Jackson

Created To Be One: the Meaning of Christian Marriage 

     by Elizabeth Moreau

Looking Ahead

Plans for building online community and small groups are in the works. Those with common service and ministry interests will be able to connect with others and share ideas and challenges, as well as support and encouragement. Many possibilities present themselves for making online connections that will draw people to Christ or draw us more deeply into Christian life. As we move forward, we will be interested in hearing from you about how we may be of service to you and help you grow in Christian discipleship.