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A Message from Servants' Feast Ministry Chair

Servants’ Feast Christian Ministry

Helping Christians love, think and act with the mind of Christ


December, 2020

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Merry Christmas; wishing you the special blessings of Jesus Christ during this Advent season! I trust all of you are flourishing despite all the challenges we are facing both in the culture and in the church at the moment. No doubt we will get through this, but time marches slowly at the moment. In the meantime, it is a joy to bring you up to date on developments in Servants’ Feast Christian Ministry. Over the last couple of months our Board has been working diligently to think through a whole new phase in Elizabeth Moreau’s unique ministry. I want to first share some of the details of this exciting new focus for Servants’ Feast; and then I hope you will prayerfully consider providing both much-needed prayer and financial support to implement this new phase of our core vision.

The core vision remains the same; the differences come in how we plan to implement it. The crucial change is that we are shifting the focus to one where the ministry will be conducted primarily online. This does not exclude other avenues of communication, but one of the lessons from the lockdown is that this is indeed a fruitful way to proceed. We are convinced that this will be an effective way to grow the ministry and provide a platform for Elizabeth’s gifts.

The goal of the new format is to make available to as many as possible the deep riches and substance of Christian faith and life that will sustain contemporary Christians through the difficulties of American life and American Christianity today. Servants’ Feast and Elizabeth are deeply committed to growing disciples of Jesus Christ who know Him in a l life-giving and life-changing manner, who can stand firm in the faith that we have received, not wavering in the midst of the challenges all Christians are facing now and in the future.

Here is a breakdown of what we have in mind:

1) We are already transitioning from a local church model of ministry to web-based

ministry. This is exciting because we will have more tools available than ever before. Moreover, a large percentage of the population now participate in Christian learning and growth online. It is also a leap of faith: we are radically dependent upon God to provide and to direct.

2) A new website will be launched in the coming weeks, updated with books from the

FromCalled to Sentseries available for purchase, with e-books of the same being added as they are completed.

3) Elizabeth’s deeply insightful and challenging meditations will become blogs, which will give folks the opportunity to comment and engage with Elizabeth.

4) The new website will also offer podcasts. Elizabeth’s initial podcast series, “You Have Heard It Said” will consider claims of conventional wisdom one at a time and help Christians see what is in keeping with the Gospel and what is not. We have already invested in the equipment needed for podcasts and recordings, and progress has begun.

5) Also becoming available on the website are podcast readings of selected meditations that Elizabeth has written. “Articulated Meditations” read by Rev. Douglas Caldwell give individuals the ability to listen as they drive or do mundane chores around the house. Additional contributors will be coming along in the months ahead, adding voices and perspective to the site, either as podcasts, books, e-books, or blogs.

6) Elizabeth’s book on the theology of Christian marriage will be available through the site early next year, with the capability for webinars on the theology of marriage, as well as l live classes via Zoom.

We are acutely aware of the extra financial burdens that have accrued due to the wider difficulties in the economy. However, this is a wonderful and, we believe, much-needed ministry, so we are asking you to prayerfully consider providing both prayer and financial support, which are necessary as we shift to online ministry. The new website will provide a link for making gifts; just select the “donate tab” on and follow the instructions. (Alternatively, checks can be mailed to: Steve Reeves, Treasurer, 1706 Misty Hill, Kingwood, Texas 77345.)

We are deeply grateful and appreciate every effort to support this new focus for Servants’ Feast and to make it possible. So, thank you in advance for your prayerful consideration and help.

Yours faithfully,

Rev. Dr. William J. Abraham

Board Chair


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