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Passing Thoughts: Do You Believe?


How blessed is he whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the Lord his God, Who made heaven and earth, the sea and all that is in them; Who keeps faith forever; Who executes justice for the oppressed; Who gives food to the hungry. The Lord sets the prisoners free. The Lord opens the eyes of the blind; the Lord raises up those who are bowed down; the Lord loves the righteous; the Lord protects the strangers; He supports the fatherless and the widow, but He thwarts the way of the wicked. Psalme 146:5-9

Sometimes, when I read the Bible, I am blown away by the extravagant promises of God to us. My expectations and my vision are so small by comparison to the enormity of all God can and will do. The tragic part is that He tells us over and over again that He will provide all that we need and more than we ask.

Our confidence in human wisdom and accomplishment is disproportionate to the reality. Human brilliance fades before the mind of God, and human offerings pale before the provision of God. We never reach as high as our God would lift us, and we lack the imagination even to guess what all He has planned for us.

With just seven days to go until Christmas, I am praying that I will want more of Christ and less of the world, that I will have eyes to see the wonders God performs, and a heart open enough to receive the extraordinary gifts God has in store. Would you join me? What might happen, what might God do in our midst, if we truly believed the promises and assurances found in the pages of Scripture? It seems certain that we would worry less, laugh more, love freely, and spread joy lavishly.

Praying that the promises of God take root in your heart this Christmas, so they may flourish in the coming year.

In Christ –

Rev. Elizabeth Moreau – © 2019


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