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Christianity, Church, and Culture*

Episode 5: Race in the Image of God

The one claim that brings unity to all human beings is the truth that we are made in God's image. The image of God demands respect from one human being to another, and this is the one claim we are told is no longer allowed. But truth can never be silenced. Rev. Elizabeth Moreau takes a look at the implications of revised history and cultivated victimhood on the image of God.

Podcast available here.

Episode 4: This Way or That Way

Continuing reflections on John 14:6, the fourth in the series, Christianity, Church, and Culture compares the way of the world and the way of the Gospel. Originally written about a year ago, the series seems almost prescient for today, as well. Christians are called to follow the way of Jesus Christ, and doing so is a greater challenge now than it has ever been before in our lifetime. 

Podcast available here.

Episode 3: The Problem of Truth

All around us, the drumbeat of "to each his own" sounds, and nowhere is this more obvious than around the issue of truth. Indeed, if we are to believe what we hear, even facts are negotiable, and all of reality is fluid. Rev. Elizabeth Moreau explores Jesus' claim to be truth in the Articulated Meditation, the second of three on John 14:6.

Podcast available here.

Episode 2: The Pretense of Life

Life has varying definitions. How we understand life - its purpose, goal, and meaning - determines how we spend our days. No understanding of life is as rich, as meaningful, and as hopeful as is the life given to each of us in Jesus Christ. A series within a series, this is the first of three reflections on John 14:6.

Podcast available here.

Episode 1: We Must Choose

Christian faith and American churches played a decisive role in the formation of the nation and have historically been interwoven with American society. Rev. Elizabeth Moreau reflects on the changes occurring as the culture shifts into full-blown secularism, and Christians are called to choose between the Christian faith and an American lifestyle.

Podcast available here.

* This series is available on podcast, as well as in print. Read by Rev. Douglas Caldwell.

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