Christianity, Church, and Culture*

Episode 1: We Must Choose

Christian faith and American churches played a decisive role in the formation of the nation and have historically been interwoven with American society. Rev. Elizabeth Moreau reflects on the changes occurring as the culture shifts into full-blown secularism, and Christians are called to choose between the Christian faith and an American lifestyle.

Podcast available here.

Episode 2: The Pretense of Life

Life has varying definitions. How we understand life - its purpose, goal, and meaning - determines how we spend our days. No understanding of life is as rich, as meaningful, and as hopeful as is the life given to each of us in Jesus Christ. A series within a series, this is the first of three reflections on John 14:6.

Podcast available here.

* This series is available on podcast, as well as in print. Read by Rev. Douglas Caldwell.