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From Called to Sent:
from Disciple to Apostle

To be a Christian is to be like Christ.

Jesus spent three years walking and talking with His disciples, and they still did not understand what He seeking to accomplish. Only after Pentecost did the disciples become apostles, filled with the Spirit and sent into the world to spread the Good News. 

Using Scripture and resources from early Christianity, From Called to Sent (FCTS) is an adaptation of that process, engaging the whole person through study, prayer, spiritual formation, life-giving encounters with the Triune God, service and ministry to others, and ongoing accountability in long-term small groups. Designed to accommodate contemporary schedules, FCTS is a series of studies that offer an in-depth introduction to the breadth of Christian faith and life as authentic disciples of Jesus Christ. 

Learn Your Way
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FCTS: the tool you need for the formation of disciples -

coming to you at home.

What really is Christianity?

What is Christian life?

Differences in teachings and practices in Western Christianity often cause Christians to struggle with their faith and doubt whether they can truly know God and live faithful lives. In a secular society, helping people understand they need Jesus is hard to do when Christians disagree among themselves. Yet, we have the riches of our faith passed down to us for 2,000 years, across nations, languages, and cultures. Our inheritance from the earliest centuries of Christian faith and life shine like gold against tin. On those riches, FCTS introduces Christians, brand new and long-time alike, to the treasures of our inheritance.


We are now making available multiple means of access - for individuals, for small groups, and for multiple location classes.

For the most effective discipleship formation, we recommend the studies be completed in order.

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